Favourite Person! This Week: Phil Lehmann

16 May

I love this week’s Favourite Person’s philosophy: “creating your own success”.  As the founder of Activeminds Productions, that’s exactly what he is doing.  In the process, he produces music for up-and-coming artists who are striving to gain solid footing in the industry.  He’s worked with Kelly Rowland and Kreesha Turner, to name only a few, and even landed a Western Canadian Music Award for his work with Krystle Dos Santos.

My Favourite Person this week is Phil Lehmann.


Who are you and what do you do?

I’m a record producer. I write and produce commercial music for the intention of radio play and film and television placements.

How did you start?

I would say it all started when I was young. I’d always wanted to play the guitar and was inspired by Elvis Presley. I found an old acoustic guitar in the storage under my parents’ staircase and immediately started practicing. In high school I was in various bands, but found that I preferred trying to get a great recording, as opposed to playing live. After high school I moved to Vancouver and decided to pursue a career in music production. A big break for me was having the opportunity to work for Hipjoint Productions. That’s where I was able to really hone my skills in writing and producing and gain the confidence needed to venture out on my own.

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by talented musicians and driven business people. There are a lot of amazing entrepreneurs out there who inspire me to work hard and keep going.

Who did you worship in high school?

Radiohead. Oddly now, they are one of the most viable models for independent artists and bands to follow. I frequently refer to them on the topic of self-marketing and promotion.

What are your favourite budget-friendly activities?

I have another philosophy in life and it is “A healthy body is a healthy mind, and a healthy mind is a successful mind”. I love to be active outdoors, which is completely free. I often go for hikes on the Baden-Powell Trail and long bike rides around Metro Vancouver.

The Oh Wells at Activeminds

Why do you feel what you do is important?

Music is in everyone. Some people express themselves by the type of music they listen to. Some people express themselves by creating music. It can help you through rough times and it can be a creative outlet to release emotions. I know a lot of people would say they couldn’t live without music. I share my creativity by creating artistically satisfying, commercially accessible music. This way the whole world can experience it.

What’s next?

Currently, I’m working with artist Tara Lett. We just started our national radio campaign for Desire – a song I co-wrote and produced with Tara. She is one of the many great artists I’m currently developing. I am also developing a series of hands-on practical workshops with Andrew Smith (Vancouver Live Sound) that will be held at the Activeminds and Vancouver Live Sound Studios.

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